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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  July 28, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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good morning. it's tuesday, july 28. i'm maria medina. >> hi, everyone. i'm frank mallicoat. it is nearly 6:00. a saddened to the search for a santa cruz girl. police believe they have found the body of maddy middleton and a 15-year-old boy is under arrest. kpix 5 reporter exit doe joins us in santa cruz now and by the apartment complex where that young girl's body was discovered last night. kiet. >> reporter: good morning. evidence technicians have been here in the garage below the complex for much of the night with officers searching the property and serving search warrants here at the home and crime scene of maddy middleton. at 8:00 last night, police herded everybody out of the parking lot into the street. a body of a young female was found in the dumpster below and at the far end of the tannery arts center. and then we spotted a woman distraught, stomping and screaming in the parking lot of the complex. neighbors say she is the mother of the 15-year-old boy who was arrested in connection with maddy's death. >> from what i know, he is very
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well spoken. and has a very kind manner. so like i said, it's shocking situation altogether. >> it's heartbreaking. the last time i stood in front of a group like this and spoke was when my two officers were killed. and it feels just like it did that night. it's terrible. >> reporter: that was police chief kevin vogel talking about the time two of his officers were gunned down 2 1/2 years ago. we did try reaching out to family members on both sides of maddy and that boy who was arrested. they didn't want to talk on camera. back to you. >> kiet, can you tell us where is the boy now and how did he know the young girl? >> reporter: the last time anybody saw that teenaged boy he was put in the back of a patrol car taken to the station for questioning. the tannery arts center has about 200 people. a lot of people say it's tight- knit. but we didn't know the relationship between the suspect and victim. live in santa cruz, kiet do,
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kpix 5. we spoke with marc klaas last night. his daughter polly was kidnapped and murdered in 1993. he is now an advocate for missing and exploited children. we asked him how unusual it is for a suspect in a child murder case to be a teenager. >> people generally escalate into these kinds of crimes. you don't start murdering people when you're 15 years old. we do have youthful murderers in our system but certainly not youthful murderers of other children. it's very troubling. >> the santa cruz police chief says we can expect more details later today. for the latest developments in the case, go to our website, investigators believe a wildfire that broke out north of sacramento near the community of elverta was intentionally set. the fire charred more than 400 acres before the firefighters had containment late last night. the flames reduced a home to ashes also destroyed about a half dozen classic cars that were on the property.
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some neighbors rushed through the thick, black smoke to help out. >> i just saw people that needed help and i tried to do anything i could. >> the suspect awaits charges on multiple counts of arson. investigators believe he is a local transient. soaring temperatures are expected to hammer containment of the willow fire in madera county. it started on saturday. it's burned 1500 acres. more than 400 homes and structures have been evacuated. it's 5% contained. hearst liza battalones with the morning commute. >> -- here's liza battalones with the morning commute. >> we are going to talk about this tuesday commute. southbound 680 slow from castlewood. part of the reason is because drivers are checking out this accident that happened on the other side of the freeway
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northbound. so northbound 680 near the sunol exit this accident involving a big rig blocking one middle lane so we have heavy traffic for a small stretch northbound. real delays would be southbound 680 heavy from castlewood approaching sunol exit. problems in the silicon valley northbound 101 before 87 in san jose, an accident on the right- hand shoulder has traffic backed up beyond the 280/680 interchange. you can see all the green there. the rest of the south bay in great shape. metering lights are on backed up to west grand on the bay bridge. the sky is clear. this is the kpix 5 studios out towards the bay bridge. no onshore flow at this time. temperatures in the 50s and 60s mild out the door. this is going to pan out to be the very first "spare the air" day of the season.
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we'll have unhealthy levels of pollution primarily around the santa clara valley to the diablo mountain range in the eastern portion of the bay area. look at these temperatures. well above average for this time of the year. at the coast we'll approach 80 at the coast. 90s and high 90s santa clara valley. east of the bay up to 102 in antioch, pittsburg, danville. 103 in blackhawk. north of the golden gate bridge, it will be 70 in stinson beach to 94 degrees in petaluma and in novato. and we'll talk about temperatures into the triple digits in lakeport. we have the full forecast coming up. the man accused of a deadly shooting on a san francisco pier will face a judge today. francisco sanchez has pleaded not guilty to charges he murdered kate steinle. the case has drawn national attention because sanchez is an undocumented immigrant who has been deported five times.
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it's renewed debate on capitol hill about cities like is that declare themselves sanctuaries for undocumented immigrants. today the fate of an evicted waterfront restaurant could be decided in a san francisco courtroom. the port wants the restaurant to leave to make room for expanded ferries. yesterday a lawyer for sinbad's restaurant asked the jury for a reprieve. they hope to stay open until the spring to allow time to find a new location. a big win for the warriors an opponent of the team's proposed san francisco arena is now getting on board with the plan. ucsf says it's also the basketball becoming its new neighbor but there's a catch. the school with a hospital in the area wants a cap on concerts and events on nights when the giants are in town. those events could bring upwards of 60,000 people into the neighborhood. >> our top concerns are traffic. our top concerns are that when you have 60,000 people coming here, that our patients will be delayed.
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>> the warriors organization says it's happy to get the hospital on board and do everything it can to peacefully coexist. a dozen eggs cost up to $6 in some bay area stores. john ramos tells us what's causing the price spike and why it's not changing anytime soon. >> reporter: the price of eggs at the supermarket has skyrocketed lately. and it's for the same reason i had to meet with petaluma egg farmer in back of the hennipenny restaurant instead of his ranch. >> if you have avian flu in your chickens you will have 95% mortality over six days. that's how devastating it is. >> reporter: the avian influenza virus in the midwest has forced the killing of more than 45 million hens, driving up the price of eggs here to nearly 6 bucks a dozen! and turning local egg farms into high security and intensive care units. >> this quarantine you have about nobody coming your
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property -- >> we are on a security lockdown. >> reporter: that's not -- >> that's self-insurance. that's self-preservation. >> reporter: workers at sunrise farm wear biohazard suits and trucks and equipment are not shared with other ranches to prevent cross-contamination. he believes the flu that hit in january may drive some big eggs producers into bankruptcy. and while that means he is getting a good price for his eggs now, he knows it's only temporary. >> farmers are good at doing one thick, they can overproduce just like that. so for all these chickens that are gone, they are all going to be back. believe me. they are all coming home to roost! >> reporter: he says if the outbreak ends, in about a year the price of eggs will plummet as the midwest ranches resume production flooding the market and once again leaving california farmers scrambling to make a profit. in petaluma, john ramos, kpix 5. >> sunrise farms is spending nearly $2 million to increase
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biosecurity to protect its chickens. federal appeals court has rejected a challenge to california's ban on the possession and sale of shark fins. the ninth circuit court of appeals in san francisco ruling yesterday the state law does not interfere with federal law. so the california law was enacted in 2011 all to protect wildlife and prevent animal cruelty. the main use of shark fins is in soup considered a delicacy in some cultures. the latest poll in new hampshire has donald trump in front of the gop presidential field leading by 12 points over jeb bush in the crucial primary state. at the same time, mike huckabee continues to draw criticism for remarks comparing the iran nuclear deal to the holocaust. republican rival scott walker weighed in on the issue while campaigning in illinois. >> i certainly don't use language like that. the deal is a bad deal. >> i think you're seeing 16 republicans fighting each other for attention in a very, very crowded field.
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>> the candidates have good reason to try and set themselves apart. only the top 10 in the poll also make it into the first republican debate next week in cleveland. it is now 6:10. some bay area homeowners say they are being bullied by pg&e. why crews will soon start tearing up their neighborhoods. >> and state investigators uncover serious safety violations in the wake of the collapse of highway 101. 6:10 and the heat is building right here in the bay area. i'll tell you which day it's going to pan out to be the hottest. >> we have slow traffic at the bay bridge toll plaza. an accident on the sunol grade and delays on amtrak. i'll have all those
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this is morning sun-up officially took place just three minutes ago. this is looking out from the mount vaca area. now, let's take another look. gregg welk is our photographer this morning providing us with beautiful views from treasure island. we thank you, sir. highs today from nearly 80 at the beaches, 103 inland. we have the full forecast in three minutes. >> oh!! >> gorgeous. >> yeah. >> all right. thanks, roberta. state officials have slapped caltrans and two constructions companies with a fine following the collapse of a section of a high in willits. $165,000 penalty after 150-foot section of highway 101 crumbled in january. three construction workers were seriously hurt in the collapse. cal/osha determined the bypass was not built based on design plans and was missing components. some peninsula homeowners are being told they may have to chop down trees and rip up
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their landscaping. andria borba reports. >> reporter: sometimes on the peninsula it's hard to see the city for the trees. homeowners in atherton and menlo park, however, may be seeing less shade if pg&e has its way. >> i don't want to see them cut down trees. >> reporter: the utility giant is part of an agreement with the puc size it needs to clear brushes, shrubs and teresa way from the natural gas pipeline -- and teresa away from the natural gas pipeline. 1300 trees could be cut down. the head of the fire protection district: >> clear-cutting won't fly and it shouldn't. >> reporter: in a statement, pg&e says, we are working to keep the pipes safe and having access for first responders is the number one issue. with the san bruno disaster still painfully fresh in people's minds, the chief says he understands the need to be cautious but says buffaloing homeowners on their own property won't work. >> so it's the how you do, not
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necessarily that you can do it. they could do it. they have right of ways for all these things. but in towns like atherton, would you remove 500 trees? i don't think the community would put up with that. >> reporter: landscaping could be ripped out, too. [ indiscernible ] >> reporter: would you be mad if they had to tear up your tennis court? >> i want them to restore it afterwards, yeah. [ laughter ] >> reporter: andria borba, kpix 5. kids are cheering hooray today. a new dr. seuss book that was once lost hits bookstore shelves today. >> a pup in the kitchen, they looked like good fun, now which would we pick, you could only pick one. >> the never-before-released book is entitled "what pet should i get?" dr. seuss's widow found the book recently.
6:17 am
it teaches kids to make up their minds. >> there may be more books to come. >> i like green eggs and ham. >> are you my mother? >> no. [ laughter ] >> that's the name of the book. [ laughter ] >> we are going to talk about the morning commute as roberta excuses herself to go to her room. southbound 680 at treat boulevard. thank you very much, photographer brian kiley bringing us these pictures of 680. unfortunately, it is beginning to slow down for that commute direction leaving the pleasant hill area bound for walnut creek. thank you very much as we move on to another stretch of 680 where we are seeing problems now, northbound 680 accident involving a big rig blocking lane of traffic. we are not seeing too much of a delay in that northbound direction. we are seeing delays for the southbound direction, southbound commute direction of 680 very slow now beyond
6:18 am
castlewood approaching the sunol exit. as we check on the rest of the commute, northbound 101 just before the guadalupe parkway, chp is clearing up an accident involving a motorcycle and another car. it's off to the right-hand shoulder. it's very long delays there. the bay bridge toll plaza has been backed up from the foot of the maze those metering lights are still on. once you pay your money traffic does okay heading across the bridge into san francisco. and it is a "spare the air" day today. if you can, take mass transit. it would be a good idea. just a quick reminder there will be no bart service in the transbay tube this weekend. there will be a bus bridge in place but that bus bridge is expected to delay you one to two hours. so start planning ahead for this weekend. that's a look at "kcbs traffic." here's roberta. liza, for you the record, are you my mother is pd eastman. >> thank you. >> send frank back to school. [ laughter ] >> this is our live weather camera towards the bay waters and the bay bridge. official sun-u at 6:10.
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out the door mild temperatures into the 60s. it's 52 in santa rosa. otherwise 58 in san francisco. this is the very first "spare the air" day of the season. we're going to see pollution and hazy conditions across the santa clara valley also backing up against the diablo mountain range in the eastern portion of the bay area. temperatures today across the bay area, wow, 78 degrees approaching 80 in pacifica. low 70s for the coolest spot in half moon bay. 80s and 90s common around the peninsula today. and approaching triple digits in morgan hill. it will hit 103 degrees in gilroy. 103 in discovery bay east of the bay bridge. and then we have temperatures 102 in danville and blackhawk. 101 in pleasanton. it's going to be hot. all right? don't bank on a breeze, as well. anything we see will be an offshore component up to about 5, 10 miles per hour. 70 and clear skies in stinson
6:20 am
beach. low 70s in san rafael. 94 degrees in petaluma. temperatures approaching 102 degrees in lakeport. clearlake also very hot. now, looks like today and tomorrow the hottest days of the workweek. it's going to be cooler on thursday but we have to throw in subtropical moisture. very muggy thursday, friday. seasonal over the weekend. that's a look at your tuesday forecast. >> thank you. coming up, a bizarre crime spree unfolds in the east bay when a simple test drive turns into a kidnapping case in the blink of an eye. >> good morning, everybody. the giants keep raging. the a's keep dealing. and why a comput
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baseball up top and the a's, they're playing deal makers. pitcher tyler clifford traded to the mets for a minor league arm. giants last night, they didn't need him because against the brewers brandon crawford went wild. how about a 4th inning two-run shot to make it 3-0? supporting chris heston allowing a couple runs in 7 innings struck out four. giants won 4-2. heston won his 11th game. the giants 12th win in the last 13 games a half game behind dodgers. in san rafael tomorrow night a computer will call balls and strikes at the san rafael pacific independent league game. how do the pros now feel about the umpires getting replaced? >> going to be strange yelling at the computer -- [ laughter ] >> hey, bruce bochy won't have to worry about that anytime soon but thanks to the bay area
6:25 am
company sport vision pacific owner mike shapiro will host the first game called by a computer which looks similar to this. >> it will relay to a monitor that eric byrnes will be in front with a microphone [ laughter ] >> which will be interesting. and byrnes will call balls and strikes from the media table but there will still be an umpire behind home plate, fair, foul balls, plays at home place. which catch is better? here's ginny gilbert. this is in a fast pitch softball game. knocked down the fence and hangs on! or this chinese baseball catch. it's the right fielder. you got to see it in slo-mo. look at it. just bouncing, staying with it. he hauls it in for the out! that's sports at this hour. dr. dennis o'donnell will take you the rest of the way. see ya.
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thanks, captain vern. play of the day major league baseball atlanta at baltimore. hey, we're bottom of the 11th game tied at one --not anymore! let's go home! matt wieters! baltimore 2-1 walkoff victory over the braves. your play of the day. time now 6:26. after spending days stranded in the sierra, a hiker is telling his story. how he says ants helped him through the ordeal. >> reporter: and i'm kiet do live in santa cruz where crime scene technicians have been combing through the dumpster where an 8-year-old girl's body
6:27 am
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your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. another major wildfire in northern california puts people and animals in danger. >> the mormons are threatening action with the allowing of gay troop lead years the alert you need to know about triple digits. >> and slow traffic at the bay bridge toll plaza. the metering lights are on. a big accident delaying traffic in livermore. details coming up. good morning. it's tuesday, july 28. i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm maria medina. time now 6:30. a tragic end to the search for maddy middleton. santa cruz police believe they found her body in a dumpster. kiet do is at the apartment complex where the discovery of the 8-year-old was made last night. >> reporter: good morning.
6:31 am
good morning. a small makeshift memorial has popped up here at the tannery arts complex as evidence technicians have been working throughout the night combing through that dumpster. we saw a couple of them leaving just a short time ago so looks like they are starting to wrap up the scene out here. last night, the santa cruz police department posted on social media that they are heartbroken. >> no one ever wants a desperate search for a child to end like this. >> our detectives discovered the body of a young female inside of a dumpster at the complex located behind me. >> reporter: santa cruz police are confident the body is that of madyson middleton although they haven't positively identified t8-year-old maddy vanished from her apartment complex on river street sunday afternoon. she was last seen on surveillance video on her scooter. authorities have arrested a 15- year-old boy who also calls the tannery arts center home. yesterday evening, we saudis astronaut woman stomping and screening in the parking lot of the apartment complex where that arrest took place. neighbors tell us she is the
6:32 am
most of that teen. >> from what i know he is very well spoken and has a kind manner so like i said, it's a shocking situation altogether. >> reporter: it was a tough scene to process even for the most seasoned officer. >> it's heartbreaking. the last time i stood in front of a group like this and spoke as when my two officers were killed. and it feels -- it feels just like it did that night. it's terrible. >> reporter: we tried reaching out to members of family of both sides, the maddy and the teenaged boy. no comment from anyone. >> heart breaks for both families. kiet, what is the boy's status now and did he know maddy? >> reporter: well, the last time anybody saw that boy he was put into a patrol car taken down to the station for questioning. about 200 people live at this tight-knit apartment complex. we don't know exactly how well the two children knew each other. live in santa cruz, kiet do,
6:33 am
kpix 5. >> we talked with marc klaas last night. his daughter was kidnapped and murdered in 1993 and is now an advocate for missing and exploited children. he says we can teach kids to recognize danger but there's no such thing as completely safe. >> we can never be 100%. we can educate our children and put surveillance cameras around our communities. we can talk to our children. we can do all of these kinds of things but never be truly safe. >> santa cruz police chief says we can expect more information later today. if you would like more on this story, you can go to our website, in contra costa county, firefighters saved dozens of homes from a fast-moving grass fire in pittsburg that burned nearly 40 acres yesterday near sar man coast boulevard and west leland road. investigators say it may have started when jumpers tried to jump-start an off road vehicle and it caught fire. soaring temperatures across the state have firefighters on
6:34 am
edge. crews contained one fire north of sacramento yesterday but not before it destroyed a home. anjali hemphill says fire officials believe the blaze was arson. >> reporter: a frantic fight on the front lines of a fast- moving fire. >> very dry and flat. and so with erratic winds, it was easy to spread very quickly. >> reporter: investigators say the fire was started in the middle of a large field near elverta quickly spreading into two counties and racing towards homes. >> got pretty close. >> it's very scary. fire scares me. >> reporter: several neighbors rushed through thick, black smoke to save dozens of horses as the erratic wind-whipped fire came within feet of the stable. >> we have to break the fence down to get them out and there's babies with mamas and they are not well trained. >> i saw people who needed help and i just jumped out of my car and i just tried to do anything i could. >> reporter: metro fire says aircraft from the lowell fire up the hill were called to put it out. and nearby power lines proved to be a challenge for crews on the ground.
6:35 am
>> power lines did become involved and eventually burned and come down which created safety concerns for crews. >> reporter: but crews couldn't save one man's parents's home and a half dozen classic cars on the ten acres. >> sat. there were a lot of memories, it's sad. but it's things. no one was hurt. so that's the main thing. >> reporter: he is disappointed to hear the fire was intentionally set by a suspected arsonist. >> unfortunate they don't know the damage that they can cause. >> reporter: anjali hemphill for cbs news, elverta that, california. >> like you say, relief is on the way. >> nine wildfires in the state of california right now and it's only going to be hotter and drier for the next couple of days and then subtropical moisture with the possibility of thunderstorms could spark some more fires especially in the high sierra by the end of the workweek. good morning, everybody. out the door, we do have crystal clear skies. wow!
6:36 am
our photographer is out doing himself this morning. i think he is just showing off now. >> he must be on treasure island. >> that's the skyline of san francisco where our high temperature today will top off near 80 degrees. here's another view of the skyline from my weather camera. it's perched atop the transamerica pyramid looking towards the bay water where currently in san francisco it's 57. cooler in santa rosa. uniform in the low 60s out the door. today is the first "spare the air" of the season. we'll have particulate matter trapped close to the surface so hazy. san jose 92. 78 in san francisco. 58 in oakland when typically we should be at 70 degrees. we'll be approaching 80 at pacifica today. low 70s in half moon bay. 90s at the peninsula. 90s to triple digits santa clara valley. 101 walnut creek. and in brentwood, 103 in discovery bay. 70s to the mid-90s in the north bay. full forecast at 48 minutes
6:37 am
after the hour. liza. >> roberta, we're watching this accident involving a motorcycle blocking at least one lane of traffic. it happened in the livermore area in the westbound direction approaching north livermore avenue with that left lane shut down and it's always such a busy corridor. westbound 580 jammed up solid beyond the two 205 interchange. stays heavy now to the dublin interchange. very long drive time. it's going to take at least 44 minutes to move between the altamont pass and 680 this morning. as we check on the bay bridge toll plaza and boris the spider is out there at the pay gates, westbound it's sunny and westbound traffic is backed up from the foot of the maze approaching the toll plaza. once in san francisco, though, all city freeways moving at the limit. guys? >> i think the spider is back there. okay. test drive at a concord car dealership with end from 0 to 60 when a sales associated was kidnapped during the test drive yesterday afternoon at lemurs concord buick gmc dealership. the test drive, the customer
6:38 am
turned kidnapper began running red lights and threatening the salesman and at one point the salesman escaped. he called the police who chased down the suspect until he crashed into a pole. officers arrested the man but have not released his identity. a dog shot during a confrontation with san francisco police is expected to recover from his injuries. it happened yesterday near fulton and high streets. police say they saw the owner had some sort of drug paraphernalia on him. when they tried to stop the man, the dog became aggressive. >> that dog then charged towards the officers. the officers tactically retreated and discharged approximately two to three rounds at the dog striking the dog one time. >> it's not correct. they asked me to come over to where they were and, um, i didn't have anything on me. >> reporter: did the dog charge at them? >> yeah, i don't -- no, i'm not -- i don't want to say anything more. >> well, the dog was taken to animal control. police released the owner who will be cited for allowing the dog to run free.
6:39 am
man now under arrest after last weekend's freeway homicide in san leandro. early saturday a man was found shot to death in his car on the nimitz freeway by the marina boulevard off-ramp. detectives determined it was the victim's passenger who fired the fatal shots. suspect turned himself in yesterday afternoon and was arrested. we are now hearing a firsthand account from a man who was lost in the sierra. a rescue helicopter crew hoisted the 26-year-old to safety on sunday. the hiker was left stranded wearing shorts and a t-shirt. the helicopter spotted him saturday night using an infrared camera but couldn't get him until sunday morning. >> i do a lot of hiking. so my ego got ahead of me and my overconfident got the better of me. don't -- even if you're an experienced hiker, don't let that happen? >> he says when he got so hungry, he ate ants. he has an injured knee. "covered california" rates
6:40 am
are going up next year. the state's health exchange says users will see an increase of about 7%. consumer experts say when shopping for a plan customers should look beyond the price of premiums and watch out for hidden costs. 2016 rates won't be finalized for months. boy scouts of america have made it official ending a national ban on openly gay scout lead years for far too long this issue has divided and distracted us. now it's time to unite behind our belief of the extraordinary power of scouting to be a force for good in a community and in the lives of its youth members. >> the mormon church is not happy with the decision. it is going to form its own organization for church members who are currently with the boy scouts. the latest figures show 17% of the nation's boy scouts and cub scouts belong to units sponsored by mormons. time now 6:40.
6:41 am
happy tuesday morning. pg&e crews will start tearing up yards along the peninsula and many homeowners saying they are being bullied into complaints. >> security experts uncovering a flaw affecting hundreds of millions of phones and tablets. what you'll need to fix it.
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good morning. your time check now 16:44 on this tuesday. look at your tv screen. go ahead. take a peek. temperatures today well above average typically we should in the 60s in pacifica but instead nearly 80 degrees. 80s and 90s around the peninsula today. good morning, campbell at 94. east of the bay topping off at 103 in discovery bay. otherwise, 102 in danville. triple digits it's hot anywhere east of the bay today. 70 in stinson beach with clear skies through the 80s to the 90s. santa rosa at 95. novato at 94. and triple digits at lakeport
6:45 am
and clearlake. full forecast in just four minutes. thank you, roberta. it's 6:44. new data on the housing market showing significant increases in prices. what else is new. in the bay area and the nation. >> here now is kcbs radio's financial reporter jason brooks. what's new? >> reporter: no kidding. good morning. about the only thing that is as hot as the temperature is the housing market in the bay area with prices rising. the latest survey found in may prices in the bay area were up over 1% for the month before up nearly 10% from a year earlier the second strongest gain in the country only to denver. overall, the housing market across the country saw prices rise nearly 5% from a year ago. federal reserve begins a two- day meeting today but analysts do not expect a rate hike mainly because there's no press conference after the meeting. september the earliest possible
6:46 am
time for a rate hike. the fed does see improvement in the job market. inflation is also starting to rise. not quite yet where it needs to be before it makes that move. earnings are helping out the stock market in the early going. dealing with a 5 session losing skid longest since early january. another bad day for china but getting decent news for companies like ford, u.p.s. and pfizer and helping out at least so far in the early going. so far this morning, dow is up a little more than 30 points. nasdaq is down 4. s&p is up by 5. back to you. >> thank you. 6:46 now. unsettling notices have gone out to some homeowners in atherton and menlo park. pg&e wants to chop down more than 1,000 trees to clear foliage to improve access for first responders to natural gas pipelines. the number of trees removed could reach 1300. fire chief understands the need
6:47 am
to be cautious after the 2010 san bruno disaster but says steam rolling people on their own property isn't going to work. >> how you do it, not necessarily you know that you can do it. they rights-of-way for all these things in cities like athey are town, would you want to go ahead and remove 500 trees? i don't think the community would put up with that. >> however, pg&e says landscaping could be ripped out, as well. it is acting as part of an agreement it made with the puc. the carpool lanes are getting more congested especially in the bay area which has 389 miles of carpool lanes. according to caltrans figures, traffic is so slow, 52% of those miles do not meet federal standards. now, under federal guidelines traffic in carpool lanes should be faster than 45 miles per hour 90% of the time. >> two or three people in carpool lanes? does it depend where you are? >> i thought it was too but i
6:48 am
guess according to roberta it's three in some areas. >> roberta breaking the law on friday night, ladies and gentlemen, just so now. [ laughter ] we are going to talk about this morning's commute. la this tuesday morning we are going to move on to the 680 drive in the pleasant hill walnut creek area where it is slow now for that southbound direction. you see traffic at a crawl even the carpool lanes are slow for southbound 680 right here through walnut creek. expect delays on 24. heading for san mateo bridge there is a new accident northbound 280 approaching the highway 92 interchange. two lanes of traffic are shut down and our sensors show that traffic is moving well not doing much to slow down that commute. meanwhile, over at the san mateo bridge, westbound 92 is going to be slow for you all the way across the span. in fact, the toll plaza backup extends to clawiter and you can see our sensor along 92 picking up those delays all the way across the bridge so it's going
6:49 am
to be another long morning for westbound 92. you may want to take the dumbarton bridge instead as your alternate. now, another hot spot this morning has been 580 in the livermore valley. we have that motorcycle accident approaching north livermore avenue. it has the left lane shut down and traffic is backed up from the altamont pass. it's backed up to 205 from mountain house. so from beyond mountain house road so just a terrible morning for this stretch of 580. westbound 580 clocking in with a 40 minute travel time between the altamont pass and the dublin interchange. that's a look at your "kcbs traffic." now to roberta. contrary to what frank says and popular belief, i do have friends. [ laughter ] >> and they're called weather watcher. [ laughter ] >> let's see how many of them are playing with us today. none of them. none of them want to come out and play! [ laughter ] >> okay. >> here we go. 76 degrees according to paul smith in brentwood right now. i want to take a look at this one right here because steve in los altos says that it's already hazy and 60 and at the
6:50 am
peninsula in los altos. thanks, steve. we have the very first "spare the air" day of the season around the santa clara valley with lots of pollution in the air. moderate air quality in the east bay and south-central bay where pollution gets trapped close to the surface around the diablo mountain range. clear skies in san francisco. 57 degrees, this is live weather camera from the transamerica pyramid looking west towards the golden gate bridge. it's? the 60s for the most part out the door. that right there, that is what an offshore flow looks like. the coast is clear. we have two ridges of high pressure. we'll be hot through thursday. then thursday, again, subtropical moisture lifts from the south up in a northerly fashion so we become muggy on thursday and friday. right now, 36 going up to 82 in truckee. it is now 53 going up to 77 in
6:51 am
monterey bay, triple digits around sacramento, stockton and davis. sun-up already happened. by the time it sets, nearly 80 degrees in pacifica today. head to the beach. head west. temperatures 90s today around the peninsula. 90s santa clara valley. 101 concord, clayton, walnut creek through pinole into hercules. 103 discovery bay. 96 santa rosa. cooler muggy. cooler over the weekend. the latest security flaw discovered on android cell potential. as kpix 5's cate caugiran reports, hackers can break into the phones with a simple text message. >> reporter: you don't have to open the message according to a company. hackers just need to send the bug to your smartphone and just like that they control your device and get access to your information on your handset.
6:52 am
>> the attacker can send a file that infects the phone. it can also be triggered through the browser, chrome or firefox. so whenever you go to any website that has this specific vulnerability. >> reporter: google learned of it a few months ago. a spokesman says the security of android users is extremely important to us. so we have already responded quickly to this issue by sending the fix for all android devices to our partners. unlike apple's mobile operating system ios, updates to the android platform are distributed through wireless carriers and phone manufacturers. it's up to them to push out the updates to users. >> so android users could stop using all messaging apps on their phones but that's very unlikely so we need to wait for the patches. >> cate caugiran, kpix 5. >> experts suggest android users update to the latest version even though that does not guarantee the patch has been applied. time now 6:52. firefighters have their hands
6:53 am
full across northern california as new wildfires put people and property in danger. >> i'm kiet do live in santa cruz where evidence technicians are combing through the dumpster where an 8-year-old girl's body
6:54 am
for the 5 million americans living with alzheimer's, and millions more who feel its effects. let's walk together to make an even
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you can save over 500 bucks when you switch to progressive. that's a fact. but this whole "blondes have more fun" thing... ♪ ♪ standing by for fun. ♪ ♪ five things to know at the :55. donald trump still leading the pack of gop contenders as rivals try to take back the spotlight. he has 18% support leading jeb bush by three points. top ten candidates in the polls will make it to the first debate next week in cleveland. mormons threaten to replace the boy scouts. yesterday's decision to lift the ban on gay scout leaders does allow religious-backed scout groups to deny positions based on sexual orientation. but the mormon church still
6:57 am
says it's deeply troubled by the policy. a never-before-released book hitting store shelves today. dr. seuss, what pet should i get? it was discovered by the widow. this will be the first new dr. seuss story in 25 years. more than half dozen wildfires are burning in northern california. a man was arrested for starting a fire that destroyed a home north of sacramento yesterday afternoon. the willow fire burning in madera county has already spread across more than 1500 acres. the man charged with killing a woman on pier 14 scheduled to appear in court today. francisco sanchez had pleaded not guilty to murder of kate steinly. the case has put the spotlight on the relationship between federal immigration authorities and local law enforcement. i'm kiet do live in santa cruz where a memorial has popped up at the scene where 8- year-old maddy middleton was discovered last night. crime scene technicians are combing through the dumpster
6:58 am
where the child's body was found. the coroner removed the body and hour ago. at 8:00 people were pushed back into the street by the police. the body of a girl was found in the dumpster below and at the far end of the tannery arts center. then we saw a woman screaming and distraught. she is the mother of the 15- year-old boy who was arrested in connection with her death. the boy and his mother live here in the complex with maddy. >> from what i know he is very well spoken and kind. so like i said, it's shocking. >> reporter: that boy was taken down to the police headquarters for questioning. we do not yet know how those two kids knew each other. live in santa cruz, kiet do, kpix 5. good morning, we are going to talk aabout the altamont pass where it has been one tough commute. we have had two separate accidents and westbound 580 clocking in with 1 1/2 hour delays. this is beyond the 205 interchange where you're going to see those backups.
6:59 am
it stays heavy almost all the way to the dublin interchange this morning so expect backups north 280 just before highway 92. this accident still blocking a pair of lanes so it's going to be slow for you approaching the scene there. bay bridge toll plaza metering lights are on. still crowded from the foot of the maze. it is a "spare the air" day as roberta has been saying. good day to take bart, they're on schedule. good morning. what you're looking at right there is not so much particulate matter but a little bit of sea haze over the bay. clear skies today with that haze to the south and to the east. temperatures we are in the 50s and 60s out the door. a "spare the air" day the first of the season would not be surprised if we have a second one issued for wednesday because the temperatures will be very similar to today approaching 80 in pacifica. let's go! 90 around the peninsula. triple digits east of the bay. 92 san jose. 96 to the north. extended forecast, muggy but cooler thursday and friday.
7:00 am
>> hot, too. >> hot. >> summertime in the bay area. >> check your coolant. >> good point. captions by: caption good morning to our viewers in the west. it is tuesday, july 28 2015. welcome to "cbs this morning." mike huckabee refuses to apologize for comments about the holocaust. and we'll talk to the reporter who said he was threatened by donald trump's lawyer. >> and fast-moving wildfire is threatening hundreds of homes. >> and a family on vacation on the hunt for buried treasure strikes gold off the florida coast. >> we begin this morning with a look at today's eye opener your world in 90 seconds. >> additional aircraft ground


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